Danielle B. Stanley, LCSW

Danielle Stanley is a graduate of Rutgers School of Social Work and possesses over a decade of experience as a clinical therapist. Among her areas of expertise are the treatment of anxiety disorders, depression, PTSD, school phobia, and ADD/ADHD. She specializes in mental health for individual, family, couples and group therapy. 

Danielle has a passion for helping pre-teens, teenagers, adults, families and couples to learn to live a life on purpose. She spent years developing her holistic approach to various therapeutic modalities such as CBT, DBT, EMDR and various other therapeutic interventions.  Danielle also includes her Certified Positive Psychology Coaching and social & emotional learning through mindfulness, which focuses not only on educating the individual, but also to help develop a full support system for guiding the person towards the development of life skills for a resilient, goal oriented and mindful approach to life.

Danielle Stanley has presented at local and national conferences and to general audiences speaking on topics of positive psychology coaching, school program development, organizational volunteer programs, special education code and mindfulness-based teaching strategies.

Ryan Stanley

Ryan Stanley stands out as a dedicated life coach, blending mindfulness and meditation into his approach to personal and professional development. As a lifelong entrepreneur with a deep connection to those seeking transformative change, Ryan brings a wealth of expertise and empathy to his coaching practice. Since 2009, he has been a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), accredited by The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), and is committed to empowering people from diverse backgrounds.

In addition to his coaching career, Ryan is a published author. His book, ‘Be Patient, Be Present, Be Joyful: A First Aid Kit for the Emotional Bumps, Scrapes, and Bruises of Life’, released in July 2019, has garnered critical acclaim, including unanimous 5-star reviews on Amazon. This work encapsulates Ryan’s dedication to guiding others through life’s challenges, helping them emerge with increased resilience and joy.

For more insights into Ryan’s unique coaching approach and to explore a wider range of services, visit Ryan’s personal website.