Teens Explore “Self” Through Mindfulness

Fuel the Joy opens teens up to the idea that their middle and high school years are about exploring and discovering themselves. Our curriculum builds self-awareness and demystifies mental health by openly discussing it through the discourse of mindfulness

Shift Paradigms

Fuel the Joy creates an environment wherein teens can experience a paradigm shift in mental health awareness and adoption of coping skills they’ll use for the rest of their lives.

“Fuel the Joy empowers teens and preteens to take control of their lives and make choices that help them to reach for goals instead of making negative choices that can negatively impact their future.”

—Danielle Stanley


Group Counseling

Health and Wellness curriculum emphasizing holistic Social and Emotional Learning for middle school and high school aged teens.

Professional Development

Training and coaching for staff and administration to build awareness about the maturation of the adolescent mind and develop holistic SEL techniques.

Family & Community Education

Informational programs for Parents’ Nights, Principal’s Forums, and other workshops customized per school district and parent/guardian group night to facilitate healthy dynamics in the home and community.

Counseling Services

Fuel the Joy counseling services will guide you in creating the life that you want and the relationships you desire. Through researched based therapeutic interventions and positive psychology framework you will set the gear shift for the high gear of your life. Each individual and group session will have you walking away with tangible tools to implement immediately. I specialize in working with teens, adults, couples, families and groups.